Taken Series:Tales of Erotic Desperation


Callie's life is falling apart. Her boyfriend has dumped her to go find himself in India, she's got a dead-end job that hardly feeds her and her boss is a sleaze. One final bill she can't afford to pay sends her to the edge.

​Until she's made an offer she can't believe.

​Now, she's captive in her own bedroom with not one man, but two, both determined to own her.



Charlotte Rawnsley is a private investigator just managing to scrape by. When her down-and-out middle brother sells their grandfather's priceless World War II diary and medals to the dangerously sexy David Campanelli, Charlotte will do almost anything to get them back.

When Charlotte decides to take on Campanelli and take back what's hers, she finds herself in way over her head.

Campanelli is a man who doesn't like to lose.

Doesn't like to compromise.

A man who's always in control.

Now, it's much more than just a family heirloom at stake, it's a matter of life and death.

Charlotte's only weapon is her own body... and the clock is ticking.




For college student and city girl Ashley Vaughn, meeting up with her adventurous friend, Maddie, in Australia is a dream come true... until Maddie convinces Ashley to drive her car halfway across Australia.

Frightened and alone, Ashley breaks down at an outback truck stop, hundreds of miles from anywhere.

When Ashley accepts help from Dean, a dangerously handsome truck driver, every outback nightmare she's ever had begins to come true.

Will Ashley survive the darkness Dean is hiding?

Or will the outback and Dean possess her completely?

Series FAQ's

Q: Why did you write the Taken Series?

A: Taken – Three Tales of Dark Romance is a series of introductory shorts so that readers could sample my writing and the kinds of themes I want to explore. Each of the books has an intelligent young woman with a desperate problem she has to solve. It’s more than just mindless sex.

Q: Each of the books is very different. Why?

A: I wanted to entertain and titillate, as well as present a progressively darker series of situations for readers to enjoy… or fear.

Q: Your characters are more developed than in many short erotic reads. Why is this when many people just want hot sex?

A: I want readers to connect with my characters as much as I can, even when I’ve only got 5000 words to do it in. It’s a challenge to develop a character and have something of an arc in so few words, but it can be done. 

Q: Do you fantasize about being in these situations?

A: Sometimes, but it’s ONLY fantasy. Writing and reading are ways of exploring situations you’d never find yourself in, safely.

Q: Will you write any more stories with these characters?

A: Never say never when you’re writing fiction!